The Goodies

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    Do You Know What You Want?

    • Let's get those wheels turning!

  • 3

    Your Target Market

    • You have to know your people!

    • Your Target Market Worksheet

  • 4

    Brand Personality

    • Business is business, brand is brand

    • Business Personality Worksheet

  • 5

    Introduction to Registration

    • How to register your business on the STATE level

    • Registering your business on a STATE level

  • 6

    Structuring Your Business For Profit

    • Let's collect those $$$

    • Don't leave any $$$ behind, we've got bills

  • 7

    In Closing...

    • This isn't it!

    • Social Media Content Calendar

Stop waiting until the "perfect" time

You woke up today with an idea, it's the perfect time. So, stop wasting it!